1956 MG ZB Magnette


UEL 582


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MG Z Type Magnettes are among the best of the Fifties sports saloons.  Designer Gerald Palmer made sure they handled well with rack and pinion steering and tube shocks all round.

At launch the Z Type was the first car to be fitted with the BMC B Series engine, which was then uprated to MGA spec in the ZB Magnette to deliver a lively performance.

UEL 582, registered on 6th December 1956, is finished in the rare and attractive colour of Twilight Grey and retains its original light grey leather interior.

A 5 speed gearbox has been fitted to provide relaxed high speed cruising. together with synchromesh on first. The ignition is uprated to electronic for trouble free operation and separate air filters are fitted for enhanced performance.

The car is in very good condition mechanically and bodywise. The engine is particularly smooth with good oil pressure .

A large history file accompanies the car with invoices detailing work done including repaint and the 5 speed gearbox fitment.

This lovely sports saloon of the 1950`s with it`s MGA spec engine and fitted 5 speed gearbox easily keeps up with modern traffic and stops too! Equally at home on the open road or country lane this lovely car has room for 4 plus luggage owing to it`s capacious boot and is ideal for long weekends,holidays,events and shows.

A rare sight on British roads, this MG represents good value.