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Ash Framing & Hire

Ash Framing & Hire

We take ash in seasoned plank form of varying thickness and using templates and drawings collected over the years, can make frames for Riley Brooklands, both road and racing, Lynx models and Gamecocks.

So long as detailed drawings or original woodwork is available as a template, the work can be undertaken based on them.¬†Recent work has included a 1920’s Fiat and the internal woodwork on a Riley Merlin.

The photos below show two types of Brooklands frame made by Ashridge Automobiles and are built to original specification, which can be used for original cars as well as “Riley Specialse”.

Other photos show an original Riley Imp frame housing that is rotten and splitting, replaced with new ash being spliced in.

Ashridge Automobiles constructs ash frames predominantly for Rileys using traditional methods.