1926 Riley 10.8 Tourer


XI 2007


Chassis Number

The ‘Sidevalve’ range of Rileys, built between 1919 and 1928, are now an exceptionally rare find today with under 30 known survivors left and we are delighted to offer this 10.8 example for sale.

As can be seen from the photographs this car is in fine order with an attractive, regal tourer body that features a vast cabin space for the rear passengers. Sitting high in the rear you can fully outstretch your legs and two sturdy, folding tables and door card pockets provide further practicality and stowage. The large foldable luggage rack at the rear will be able to hold large cases for extended trips if desired.

The car is on the button with a foot starter and performs well, its 10.8 sidevalve engine mated to a 4 speed gearbox with right hand gear change and effective brakes for a car of its size.

This will make an ideal family car for events, able to accommodate four comfortably with floor space for pets and tables for a picnic on board.