1928 Alvis 12/50 TG Special


WK 6951


Chassis Number

Engine Number

1928 Alvis 12/50

Date of first registration: 04/08/1928

Registration: WK 6951

Chassis Number: 6696

Engine Number: 7528

*UPDATE*: A previous owner of the car has now supplied us with the history file for the car including a VSCC buff form dated 2011 and previous log books. The paperwork also includes invoicing showing that the car was stripped and painted in 2016.

A TG model of the popular 12/50 Alvis with a 2 seater body that is believed to have been built onto the car in the 1950/60s. Being a TG model, this car is fitted with the larger 1645cc 4 cylinder engine with center throttle pedal and mated to a 4 speed gearbox with right hand change.

The car presents well with the chassis in good painted condition. The engine with gravity fed fuel tank starts without issue, with oil pressure settling between 30-40lbs, and pulls well with good torque for tackling hills. Once comfortable with the center throttle pedal the car will cruise happily at around 55mph. The suspension is reasonably soft with high ground clearance that would be suitable for trialling.

The cabin is simple with a comfortable, well padded bench seat with a passenger side door for access to avoid the gearstick and handbrake. There is no hood but a full tonneau is included.

A lovely feature of the car is the included large luggage case that fits and secures onto the rack at the rear. This can be removed for access to the spare wheel below as well as the differential.

An excellent car for weekend cruising and pub trips that is also eligible for pre 1930 vintage events such as VSCC tours and trialling.