1930 Austin 7 Ulster Replica


VX 7796


Chassis Number

This beautifully built aluminium Ulster Replica with bodywork by Rod Yates was built over a lengthy period of time, commencing in the 1990`s.

Registered VX 7796 , the V5c states that the date of first registration to be the 1st of October 1930 and as a Sports and Historic Vehicle.

Recent works include:


First registered on 1/10/1930 (vintage) Chassis no 106667.

V5c description is Austin 7 Sports Historic Vehicle.

The chassis is fitted with hydraulic brakes and Morris Minor 7 inch drums.

Correct lowered front axle and split front friction damper. Steering arm has been replaced.


Block bored to suit slipper pistons.

New 15/16 Phoenix crank and remetalled con rods.

New valves/springs etc

High compression cylinder head

External oil filter

High capacity Speedex sump.


Converted to 12v

Original dynamo with later Lucas control box.

Sparkrite ignition

Facet fuel pump and battery relocated to boot.


Original clutch relined

4 Speed gearbox rebuilt with Nippy ratios.

Refurbished 17 inch wheels with new Longstone tyres


Invoices for most of the above Available.

A lovely `on the button` Ulster replica which has had a large amount of money spent and suitable for vintage events and many other forms of motorsport.