1933 Sunbeam Sports Coupe


FS 7557


In his book ‘The Thoroughbred Motor Car’ David Scott-Moncrieff wrote ‘Sunbeams built between 1930 and 1936 were amongst the pleasantest and best finished cars ever made.’ Not surprisingly the Sunbeam 18.2 has long been accepted by the VSCC as a Post Vintage Thoroughbred and eligible for all their events.

The Sunbeam Coupes of that era were particularly esteemed for their attractively styled bodies which combined with the lusty overhead valve 6 cylinder engines set them apart from the competition.

This Sunbeam Coupe is a truly lovely example of the type, resplendent in Royal Maroon over Black with a gold coach line, retaining its number FS 7557 first registered in Edinburgh on 1st November 1933. The Coupe body stands out today as a sporting thoroughbred with four comfortable seats and a useful boot.

The car benefits as a 1933 model in having Sunbeam’s delightful sychromesh gearbox with synchro on third and top, twin side mounted spares and Sunbeam’s arrow type indicators incoporated in the header rail (modern flashing indicators are also fitted) making the car easily drivable and presenting a purposeful appearance.

The 18.2 HP ohv engine (rebuilt 10,000 miles ago by the marque specialist ) represents the final development of Sunbeam’s Six cylinder Sixteen providing lively acceleration and a refined 60 mph cruising ability.

With its light steering, synchro gearbox and excellent Lockheed four wheel brakes, the Sunbeam is a delight to drive. A fully working sunroof, wind out windscreen and fast drop door window all add to the experience and make the Sunbeam as fresh in Summer as it is snug in Winter.

The interior is beautifully patinated and a fine example of Thirties luxury, the original leather upholstery having been lovingly maintained. The small components, lights and instruments all work as they should (with the exception of the Hobsons Telegauge) and the arrow indicators are a delight in use with tell tale repeaters inside the car.

Many past MoTs and invoices for work done accompany the car in its comprehensive history file. Restoration works in the last twenty years include the rebuilt engine, gearbox overhaul, radiator rebuild, complete rewire plus much more.

In conclusion this is a charming, stylish Post Vintage Thoroughbred, ready to use for any route or show, ideal for touring or just going down to the pub.