1935 Riley 12/4 Special


BYO 882


Chassis Number

A very purposeful and well constructed Riley 12/4 Special.

The Riley has the 12/4 engine which runs very well indeed. It has twin 1 ΒΌ inch SU`s and a superb 4 branch exhaust system. A spin off oil filter has been fitted.

The 4 speed preselecta gearbox changes smoothly and all parts including the pedal assembly can be accessed easily.

The car comes with a spare wheel mounted on the rear rather like a Riley Grebe and with the boot rack provided the car would be an ideal entrant for long distance rallies and reliability trials or stripped of these for sprints and hill climbs.

The body is finished in blue with a complementing black leather seat and could be described as patinated! As mentioned earlier, `purposeful!`