1936 Riley 12/4 Special, MPH styled


CKB 788


Chassis Number
SS27K 5294

1936 Riley 12/4 Special

Registration: CKB 788

Date of first registration: 23/09/1936

Chassis Number: SS27K 5294

Engine Number: SSK5294

An attractive Riley special built in the style of the MPH that has benefitted from considerable recent expenditure to prepare the car for usage by its owner. Ill health now forces the sale of the car, presenting an excellent opportunity to acquire a sporting Riley fresh from extensive work.

CKB 788 was originally a Kestrel Sprite, first registered in September 1936. A continuation logbook on file states that the car was grey, but this is all of the period history known of the car.

The car was built in this form by Ray and John Pritchett, who built a series of MPH styled specials on a number of original cars wrecked by the roof collapsing of the building they were stored. Recent correspondence with John confirms that they built this car between 1988-1992 from the chassis up, gathering the necessary parts from around the country and fitting a Bruce Bellamy frame and body.

Over the last couple of years the owner of CKB commissioned a full inspection of the car with any recommended works to be carried out. This was carried out by Brooklands Autocraft and invoicing on file shows the extent of works carried out including, but not limited to, a full brake and propshaft overhaul, engine and gearbox service and axle work. At this time the wheels were also painted black with new Blockley tyres fitted all round including the spare.

Another useful addition is the fitment of an aluminium shroud to surround the spare wheel when the cover is removed, more in the style of the Imp. This is because the rear lid is made of fibreglass and would not be eligible in the VSCC. If the new owner wished to compete with the car this need only be removed and the new shroud fitted underneath serves to protect the rear of the car.

CKB also benefits from a full kit of weather equipment including a tonneau, roof and sidescreens. If desired, the windscreen can be folded flat for aero screened, flying goggle driving!

Ready to be driven and enjoyed and in an attractive colour scheme, CKB gives good performance and open top motoring with an attractive bodystyle at a fraction of a cost of the original cars it is styled upon!