1952 Riley RMB


BCC 263


Chassis Number

2.5 litre Saloon registered as a Historic Vehicle.

Purchased in 1953 from the Vicar of Caernarvon, when it was one year old, by the father of the current owner and the car is known as “Jane”.

After the WW2 the father, who was in the RAF, swore never to drive again after an accident so the mother used the RMB as a daily driver.

The owner is looking for someone who will take the car on as a restoration project.

The poor lady put it into a recommended storage after a family wedding where it was attacked by rodents, termites and squirrels.  She is presently seeking compensation.

The good points: stainless steel exhaust, sound underneath with a good chassis, runs sweetly and selects all gears.  New carpet is included.

A fast, powerful and comfortable machine deserving of a new owner.