1968 Mini Pickup, 1275GT Engine


PCG 304G


Tax class: Historic

This superb little Mini Pick Up really is a tremendous little car. A veritable wolf in sheep`s clothing.

The bodywork is lovely in duck egg blue having been subject to work in recent months. It presents beautifully. The interior is standard early Mini with sliding windows and fully functioning instruments…actually one!

The car has a more modern steering wheel and column to aid a better driving experience and although a 1000cc engine was fitted originally this car has been fitted with a 1275 cc GT engine with twin carbs giving oodles of power. This change is recorded in the V5c,

The pick up area is fitted in wood which gives a nice touch but can be removed for originality. The canvas soft top is removable and in good condition although the next owner may wish to treat it with some colourant. We like it as it reminds of army bivouacs!

This super little car makes people smile wherever it goes and as a promotional tool it is hard to beat. A real boost to small businesses if signwritten?

Simple, rugged with good performance and with a good load carrying capability.