1935 MG PA with XPAG engine


BYL 345


Chassis Number

Engine Number

Date of first registration: 26th June 1935

Registration: BYL 345

Chassis Number: PA2032

Engine Number: XPAG10456

A freshly restored MG PA fitted with numerous upgrades to improve it’s drivability. The current owner purchased the car dismantled from the previous who has owned it since 1957 and had begun his second restoration of the car in 2005, having carried out a first restoration when he bought the car as it was in a poor state and had been crudely modified.

The previous owner has maintained a detailed history of the car outlining his usage of the car and work he has carried out.  Most of the major overhauling work had been carried out before the current owner acquired the car, requiring paint, assembly and upholstery. A perfect covid project!

Important upgrades to the car include the fitting of the popular 1250cc ‘XPAG’ engine as found on the TC model along with a TC synchromesh gearbox, providing more power and high revs than the original 847cc engine. Wolseley hydraulic brakes have replaced the original cable brakes and and telescopic dampers have replaced the original friction dampers.

All mechanical components have been stripped and restored where necessary by the previous owner with this documented on file. The frame is new as is the body which is painted in Rouge Sevillion. The upholstery is all new and the weather kit consists of a new rear tonneau and hood. The wheels have all been refurbished and are fitted with brand new Blockley tyres.

We have sold a couple of these ‘Midgets’ with X type engine upgrades and can say that they are huge fun on the road, able to keep with modern traffic far easier than the original engine. With all work on the car now complete this is a great opportunity to put the first miles on a fun, usable sports car.